Musical Instruments For Children

The Benefits of a Toy Piano

Are you looking to buy a toy piano for your child? If so then you’ve come to the right place. Here at The Piano Store we have a large selection of different toy pianos that can be used to entertain children. We have toy pianos that are meant to be played by children, such as musical instruments for children and the best musical instruments for children, such as musical instruments for kids and the best musical instruments for kids.

If your child is interested in playing any instrument then he or she will love these toys, for example there are pianos that your child can play themselves or play with friends at parties, there are also other types of toy pianos which can be used as a present, or as a gift.

Why Musical Instruments Help Children

You probably have heard that music is good for children. For some time, there has been a movement to support this claim. A 2013 article in the Journal of Pediatrics by Dr. John Stamos, a pediatrician at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC, and colleagues surveyed parents of children who play musical instruments. This article describes the results from this survey, and those found in it:

The importance of music to children’s development was clearly established when we conducted our own survey with parents of children who play musical instruments (using a large sample size—n=1,841) using a variety of questions related to music and its effects on children’s development:

Parents were asked how often their child used an instrument with their family (playing alone or together), how often they saw their child using an instrument with their family (playing alone or together), and how they felt about the use of an instrument in their child’s life. They were also asked whether they felt that playing an instrument helped them develop their own skills as well as being good for their child.

Results from our survey showed clear evidence that playing an instrument helps develop:

• • • • • • Stronger motor skills – Instrument-toting parents reported that most of their children play instruments every day and most have stronger motor skills than other age groups; better language skills – Instrument-toting parents reported that most of their children speak more than other age groups; better social skills – Instrument-toting parents reported that most of their children are more socially skillful than other age groups; stronger creative abilities – Instrument-toting parents reported that all but one have stronger creative abilities than other age groups; greater empathy – Instrument-toting parents reported that all but one have greater empathetic capabilities than other age groups; better mental health – Instrument-toting parents reported that all but one are less mentally ill than other age groups; higher self-esteem – Instrument-toting parents reported that none of the instruments they use has negative effects on self-esteem; longer life expectancy — For each variable we looked at, whether parent answered ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the question indicated by the variable name. The data were analyzed using SAS software version 9.2(23). We found no significant differences between parent responses for “Stronger motor skills” vs “Good language skills,” “Better social skills” vs “Better creative abilities” and “Greater empathy” vs “Greater mental health

How to Choose the Best Toy Piano for Your Child

There’s a great deal of misinformation out there on the best toy pianos for children. In fact, there’s a lot of confusion and misinformation as to what really makes a good toy piano.

This infographic from the Musician’s Friend website serves to demystify the subject by not only explaining which type of instrument each is, but it also explains how each type compares to other types.

The infographic also reveals that “less expensive pianos are often the least desirable to parents, because they typically lack the features parents want in their piano” and that “more expensive pianos tend to be much more durable and longer lasting.”

At this point, I would strongly suggest that you read all five of these posts (with links) before continuing on with this one: The Infographic: Which Type of Toy Piano is Best for You? The Infographic: What Kinds of Toys Do Kids Love? The Infographic: Which Toy Pianos Are Best for Children? Manual Pianos (non-keyboard) The Paper Piano

One last thing before we conclude — if you are thinking about purchasing a toy piano but aren’t sure what you should be looking for, please see my post on what home or office music rooms look like.

Types of Toy Pianos and Their Uses

Having a toy piano is great, but it’s not the same as playing it. Playing music on a real piano can be mesmerizing and all out fun, but like anything else, it’s not really about learning how to play unless you’re also learning music.

The best way to learn how to play on a real piano is through playing on an instrument like the harp or oboe or flute. These instruments are instrument-like; they have strings, are tuned and played the same way as your fingers do (so you know where they go), and can be played with just one hand. They are also permanent – once you learn how to play them you never have to replace them again – because they use their own reeds and other parts that are made of wood, which is durable and long lasting (and free!).

But what if you want to be more than just a player? What if you want to make your own music? If that’s what you’re going for then I’ve got some great news: several of our toys offer musical training as well!

These toy pianos come in a couple of different types: an organ, or harp-type keyboard that comes with strings attached, or actually a musical string instrument itself. With these kinds of toys there are actually two keys that are made of wood – one for the hands (the “instrument key”) and one for the feet (the “pedal key”). You can even connect these to each other via our pedal board accessory . There’s also an optional foot pedal controller , which allows for incredible control over your keyboard.

And if that’s not enough fun for you, we also now offer “Musical Instruments for Children” , which include our most popular children’s musical instruments (such as the harp pictured above), along with some other cool toys too! There’s lots more interesting stuff in our store , so check it out!


In this post about the best toy pianos and musical instruments for children, I’m going to share with you many of the most popular toys and musical instruments that people have been asking me about since I started doing this blog. I’m sure one or two of them are quite familiar to you already, but if not please check out my previous post about the best toys for children in the world (which is also on this site): The Best Toys for Children

In my first post about the best toys for children, I said that “the most important thing you need to know is that these are not toys. They are educational tools. These will help your child or even yourself learn new skills as they play with music and instruments.” In this second post on the topic, I’ve focused on toys because they tend to be more popular than musical instruments, but it’s just as important to know how to pick out good toys and musical instruments for children.